Lizz Wright & Raul Midón

Fri, Oct 25, 2013 7:30 pm

TARGET® World Music Series

Singer-songwriters Lizz Wright and Raul Midón join forces to present an intoxicating collection of contemporary spirituals that deftly span the genres of jazz, R&B, soul and gospel. On the heels of a successful European tour, the two masters of song share their effortlessly magnetic stage presence with the Ordway audience.

Raul Midón has recorded three major label records; “State of Mind,” “A World Within A World” and “Synthesis.” He has been featured in documentaries including the acclaimed Bill Withers biopic “Still Bill,” the Herbie Hancock documentary “Possibilities,” and a film on the life of legendary producer Arif Mardin “All My Friends Are Here,” in which he declares that Midón is the only artist he ever signed to a label. His musical collaborators include Jason Mraz, Marcus Miller, and Roberta Flack. Deemed an “eclectic adventurist” by People Magazine, Midón contributes something honest and unpredictable to the musical landscape.

Lizz Wright has been the recipient of nonstop critical acclaim and ever-increasing audiences since her Verve debut “Salt” in 2003. “In all of my adventures in music, I’ve been drawn in by sparks of the familiar inside of the unfamiliar. For example, when I first heard what people were calling the blues, I was taken aback, because I had heard that sound all my life. That was how the mothers sang in church.”

Wright continues her genre-defying journey with her latest album “Fellowship,” a nod to her roots in gospel on the one hand and her gospel of eclecticism on the other.