Maria de Barros

Wed, Feb 19, 2014 7:30 pm

TARGET® World Music Series

A special performance with dance floor.

Cape Verdean chanteuse Maria de Barros invites us into her culture’s joyful musical tradition. She sings about the beauty of Cabo Verde and a longing for the island, and her songs are filled with stories of love and romance. “The stories told in the songs are poetic descriptions of real and profound human emotions that are not just felt by Cabo Verdeans, but by the rest of the world,” she says.

Five-time Grammy® nominee Cesaria Evora, the “barefoot diva”, helped to place the music of Cabo Verde on U.S. audiences’ musical map. Evora’s ongoing encouragement led to her god-daughter fashioning her own lively and vivacious interpretation of Cabo Verdean music. Together, Evora, the Queen of the Mornas, and Maria de Barros, the Queen of the Coladeiras, paint a complete musical picture of this tradition-rich land.

Havana Hi-Fi, a local group from Minneapolis, will kick off the night as the opening performance for Maria de Barros. Honoring the old world tradition of Cuban “Son” but also bring a love of all Latin traditions to the stage, Havana Hi-Fi’s tight rhythms and charisma will get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

Maria de Barros introduced by Naomi Tutu in partnership with Youthprise.