Thank you for your interest in Volunteering for the Ordway!  If you would like to volunteer opportunities at the Ordway, please complete the General Volunteer Application.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Marketing Events – Work alongside our Marketing staff at Marketing Events like Rondo Days and the Minnesota State Fair to promote and ask questions about the Ordway
  • UsheringVolunteers can welcome guests to performances. If you are interested in volunteer Ushering it is required that you are available for 1 shift a month.
  • Flint Hills International Children’s Festival  – is an annual highlight for thousands of children and families as the Ordway and surrounding areas transform with music, dance, art activities, and public art installations. The festival is always the Tuesday – is made possible by the generous help of our volunteers! Please click here to complete the volunteer form for this event!
  • Spring Fête– is the Ordway’s largest annual fundraising benefit. The Ordway is able to introduce the performing arts to thousands of students in Minnesota and the surrounding region with the money raised at the Fall Fete. All the volunteer slots fro this event are currently filled. Please click here if you wish to be placed on the volunteer wait list.
  • Additional volunteer opportunities: occasional as well as ongoing administrative opportunities in our Executive, Education, and Advancement departments for individuals that are interested. Other opportunities included photo archiving and distributing posters and other marketing material to local business.  If you’re interested in distributing posters volunteers can choose locations from a master list of locations, or be assigned locations. Click here to learn more about poster distribution.

Volunteer benefits

  • After a volunteer accumulates 30 hours they will receive 2 tickets to an Ordway Performance (Ticket availability is subject to contractual agreement for tour productions, not all shows are eligible to be redeemed for volunteer hours.) If a volunteer does not participate in a volunteer activity for 18 months, their volunteer balance is returned to zero.

  • Please remember to submit your Volunteer Hours Tracking Form after each event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the qualifications to become a volunteer?
All Ordway volunteers must complete a background check to volunteer, otherwise there are no other requirements than attending any necessary training for an activity and being available. If you would like more details about our background checks, please check out the Employment Page of the Ordway’s website.

How frequently are volunteer notifications sent out?
It depends on the time of year. Sometimes we have multiple activities going on at once, but we like to send out only one email a week with a summary of all the available opportunities.  

What is the commitment required to volunteer?
There is no specific hour commitment required, but if you do not volunteer for 18 months, your volunteer balance will be returned to zero.

What if I have a skill that I would like to offer the Ordway on a volunteer basis that is not listed above?
Please let us know if you have a professional skill (Accounting, Legal, HR, etc.) that you would like to volunteer on a pro bono basis by emailing volunteer@ordway.org

Can I volunteer to build sets, make costumes, or help with other technical theatre aspect?
We have no volunteer opportunities in technical theatre. We have internships in Production Management and Stage Management when we are producing performances, so please check out Employment Opportunities if we have any current openings.  

I am a high school or college student and need volunteer hours for credit, can I volunteer with the Ordway?
Yes, we will fill out any paperwork you need to recognize your completed hours. Please let us know if you have a specific project you need to complete for a class, and we can see if we have any opportunities that would match your project requirements.

What is the youngest age you will accept volunteers?
We will accept volunteers as young as 13. Any children under the age of 13 need to be directly supervised by a parent. Any individuals under the age of 18 do not need to complete a background check.