Campus Connections

Funded by a Wallace Foundation Arts Excellence Grant, the goal of Ordway’s Campus Connections program is to broaden and diversify the base of people who engage with the Ordway and to create meaningful and lasting relationships with university communities. The program has engaged with Macalester College, University of St. Thomas and Metropolitan State University with the Ordway’s world-class programming.

This project concludes in the Spring of 2014-but we know the relationships will continue!

Pilobolus Project

Pilobolus, a world-renowned modern dance company, visited Saint Paul four times throughout the 2012-2013 season to guide the artistic process of a cross-disciplinary collaboration that also included Macalester College’s Dance Department and three University of St. Thomas (UST) courses — Social Dynamics and the Environment, Urban Ecosystem Ecology, and Videography. Together, Pilobolus, the students and their professors explored the ways in which societies and individuals interact with and influence the natural and built environments around them.

Learn more about this project (PDF)

The Ordway connects with these campuses through:

Arts learning and engagement

  • Affordable tickets for students and faculty at partnering colleges
  • Social events
  • Master classes
  • Lecture Demonstrations, Workshops and Class Visits
  • Ordway Extras on Campus and at the Ordway
  • Residencies and Special Programs
  • Curricular Connections

Internship and employment opportunities

Program Highlights